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About Us

What we do

We are a team of motivated, pro-active & like minded individuals who aim at enhancing opportunities and experiences for people with Disabilities in Mackay. We offer our skills, ability and time on a voluntary basis. 100% of money received goes directly back into our community on meaningful causes that otherwise wouldn't exist in Mackay.   We are not NDIS registered providers, nor do we offer the supports traditional disability related services do, but we can help those who are Self Managed or Plan Managed via our Friendship and Learning Centre - Summer House Mackay.  We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to fill in the gaps in services, training, workshops, carer connection and fun skill building activities.

We’re unique – who we help

We have over 350 members who have varying abilities, and their families/supports.

We have several advisory committees consisting of Therapists, Support Workers, Teachers, Parents and Individuals that inform us what services might be needed, and what equipment to stock in our Therapy Aids, Equipment and Toy Library.

You can make a very real difference to these people by becoming involved, and decide which of our programs you want your money to go to. Please see our Get Involved page for more information.

Not-for-profit community organisation was founded for charitable purposes

100% volunteer driven, we provide a completely transparent (through Facebook interaction) and uniquely interactive relationship between the committee, our members and the public. All funds received will remain in Mackay where possible, and will support local programs, individuals and families. All Abilities Mackay Inc. focuses on appealing for support to provide either; at cost, low cost, or ideally no cost materials, goods and services to as many families and individuals in the community as possible. Focusing on the chronically ill, disabled and socially disadvantaged. We provide programs that do not already exist in Mackay, but will be of social and emotional value to persons of all socio-economic circumstances.

Programs include

  • School Holiday Skill Building Programs
  • After school Skill Building Programs
  • Weekend Skill Building Programs
  • Parent/Carer connection
  • Publically available play centre for children 0-5years - 4 days a week
  • Therapy Aids, Equipment & Toy Library (TAET Library)
  • Music Therapy Programs - including Dementia and Adult programs
  • Activity Programs for K.I.D.S (Kids Integrated Disability Support)
  • "Diamonds"  social group for parents of children with additional needs
  • Social FunDays for members and their families
  • Sibling Programs/Fundays
  • Workshops for parents/carers/therapists/teachers and other professionals

Our Objectives.

  • To provide assistance with obtaining therapy aids/equipment for those experiencing difficulties accessing appropriate funding. (This will include applying for funding on behalf of individuals who have extremely complex needs – in my experience there are people whose requirements exceed the funding they are eligible for, and so must prioritise according to affordability of the funding –vs- need. We will not be assisting people who can access funding via other avenues.
  • To provide Mackay’s only Therapy Aid and Equipment & Therapy Toy Library (TAET Library)
  • To continue to provide an informal service to support families, peers & siblings & provide safe, accessible and friendly environment for families to connect.
  • To expand on our existing networks & assisting families to find services in our local area.
  • To provide a sustainable NFP for charitable purposes so we can continue to identify the gaps in existing services & provide a solution to the benefit of our members.

Our Vision

A world where people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our Beliefs & Mission 

  • Every person has the right to live their life and work towards their goals without being limited by other people’s expectations or prejudices. We never set limits on any disabled person’s individual potential.
  • We recognise that there are already fantastic Organisations and Programs in Mackay which are aimed at supporting people in our community who have a disability. Our families already access a range of these services, however due to funding restraints & conditions, these organisations are only funded to support a specific number of people. This is called “capacity”. As a result, many of our family’s loved ones remain on a “wait list” until a place becomes available for that service to accept them into their programs.
  • We believe that all people should have the same opportunity to education, work, building a home and social life, and access to any location or venue that other people in our society enjoy. No more. No less.