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TAET Library

The TAET Library was born out of necessity after several of our parents expressed frustration at wanting to trial or loan equipment to see if they would be appropriate for their little ones.

Previous to our library being set up, parents would have to purchase or receive a grant for therapy equipment items, and if they weren’t suitable, or if they outgrew them, then they were no longer needed, and in most instances not able to be sold on.

We found a similar library that is thriving in another town, and with their very helpful guidance, worked out a way to provide a way of loaning equipment so that families could access a variety of equipment and might mitigate the need to spend money (or funding) on therapy items.

Our families have been very generous in starting our library off with frames and seating systems, and we hope to secure funds to eventually stock a variety of useful therapy toys and equipment.

We have an advisory committee consisting of Therapists, Teachers and Parents to whom we consult as to what items should be sought after.

Families, schools, Government and Non-Government organisations, Therapists and individuals are welcome to loan from our library, however they must obtain the relevant financial membership to do so. More information on membership can be found on our membership page .

How TAET works

Families wishing to loan most of the equipment will need the recommendation/approval of a local therapist before they can access items.

Person’s wishing to loan equipment must be financial members, and must complete a Loan Agreement outlining the terms of the loan.

The period of time a piece of equipment/toy to be loaned can be negotiated, but typically toys are available for a month, and equipment 1-3 months (or longer if required).

Items are to be collected and delivered back to our Library at a negotiated time and date.