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Get Involved

Donate Now

There are many ways you can donate, including:

  1. Download and return our {module_literature,i,180884}
  2. Send a cheque to:
    Po Box 1689 MACKAY QLD 4740
  3. Direct deposit to:
    All Abilities Mackay (ANZ)
    BSB 014-640
    Account: 2102 98132
  4. Join the Ability Club - regular payments, one receipt for tax

To find out more about how you can donate, check out our  Donate Now page.


To become a volunteer, please contact us for more information

Host Fundraiser

Yes please!! It’s easy to do, but there are some guidelines. Remember, your fundraiser must be approved by us and displayed on our website before you may go ahead. We appreciate your hardworking efforts in making a difference to All Abilities Mackay, however we must maintain the integrity of our organisation by ensuring all fundraising activities on our behalf are advertised on our website so that potential donors may feel comfortable knowing your event has been approved, and their donation is going exactly where they want it to. Please  contact us for our Fundraising Terms.

You can choose a special event of your choice.. We've had people host Krispy Kreme Fundraisers, Sausage Sizzles and Morning Teas.  Create a challenge of your own or hold a raffle - anything goes, so long as it's approved by us first and hosts must have a Sanction Letter before they can legally fundraise on our behalf.

And exclusively to All Abilities Mackay is the Clothes Swap Party.  Invite your friends around.  Each friend brings 5 items of clothing (or more if they like).  Each participant pays a $10 attendance fee, and pays $2 for each item of clothing they purchase.  If you have a party with 8 people you can raise $160 or more!  And you choose where 100% of your fundraised proceeds go! Download registration forms for the {module_literature,i,135964} here.

Here's the cool bit...   All Event Hosts are able to choose where their donation goes to, and because our Sponsors cover our admin fees, 100% of your donation/fundraised proceeds will go exactly where you want it! 

Corporate Challenge

Oh we love a good corporate FunDay! Some ideas for a corporate challenge, include:

  • Host a morning tea and ask your guests to donate to All Abilities Mackay
  • Host a charity Golf Day, Barefoot Bowls Day, Trivia Night, Cricket Day, Cycling Challenge, Walk-a-Thon, or Fun Run

School Challenge / Free Dress Day

What a great way to instil a sense of community spirit into our young impressionable children! Some ideas include:

  • Hold a disco & donate the entry fee to All Abilities Mackay
  • Have a free dress day and donate the fine’s
  • Hold a mini sports tournament – teams are charged an entry fee, or individual fee with fees donated to All Abilities Mackay
  • Hold a talent night – donate the door entry fees to All Abilities Mackay

Create your own challenge

Shave your head, kick a habit, shed some kilo’s or come up with your own money making idea and donate the fundraising to All Abilities Mackay.

Corporate Sponsorship
It is crucial for our Charity to have Sponsors to cover minimal costs such as bank fees, stationery, postage. We also commitment that money used to promote All Abilities Mackay (such as media coverage, signage, banners etc), purchase promotional products (for fundraising) etc is covered by proceeds from our Sponsors.

To become a corporate sponsor, please contact us for more information.

Workplace Giving

Workplace or Payroll giving is one of the simplest and most cost effective methods for employees to support our charity.

What it means for you as an employee:
It is voluntary and simply involves employees nominating a charity and the amount per month they’d like to donate. The deduction is then made through the company’s payroll system. On each pay, your nominated donation amount is deducted from your salary, before deducting your tax so the benefit to you is immediate, rather than applying at the end of the year. The pledge can be as little or as much as you’d like and you can opt out at any time. Some companies will match even choose to your donation.

What it means for you as an employer:
Workplace giving is a simple way to enhance your business’ involvement in the community, with clear business, employee and community benefits.

An easy to set-up and administer workplace giving program is delivered through your company payroll system. Your company’s payroll team is responsible for contacting and providing the donations directly to All Abilities Mackay.

To learn more about establishing a workplace giving program, you can secure more information through:

  • ATO list of frequently asked questions & answers or to the ATO tables for workplace giving and non-profit content
  • Workplace giving agencies can assist you to develop your program. Visit their website links below to find out how they can assist your business.
  • Australian Charities Fund
  • Charities Aid Foundation

Matched Giving

Some companies also choose to match employee contributions. Matching can be all or a percentage of the donations raised by their employees. When an organisation matches its employees’ contributions, employees know their charitable donations go further and that their commitment to community development is a value shared by their employer. The simplicity and effectiveness of this type of program is reflected in the growing popularity in Australia.